upward over the mountain

23 yr old environmental student ~ living by the mountains and ocean on vancouver island ~ into trees, art, wes anderson, beach combing, and felines. find me on instagram @haleyrobinn


1 - buy a little car at the end of september
2 - find a new apartment once I’ve got a car
3 - get a cat from the shelter after Christmas ðŸąðŸ‘Ŋ


"Six-rayed Sea Star" (Leptasterias hexactis)

â€Ķa species of Asteriid sea star which occurs in the north east Pacific Ocean, ranging from the San Juan Islands in Washington to the Channel Islands in California. Six-rayed sea stars occupy the intertidal zone and are carnivores, feeding on surprisingly large prey items including sea cucumbers, gastropods, barnacles, and occasionally carrion.  


Animalia-Echnodermata-Asteroidea-Forciuplatida-Asteriidae-Leptasterias-L. hexactis

Images: Brocken Inaglory and Matt Knoth

the best cure for a headache

the best cure for a headache

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